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I'm here to capture the essence of your property with a personalized approach and photography strategy tailored just for you. I understand that every property is unique, and I'm here to ensure your listing shines. I'll work closely with you to understand your vision, highlight the best features, and showcase your property in the most captivating way possible. I will deliver stunning visuals within 24 hours after our shoot concludes that will make your property stand out from the rest. 



Each home is unique and deserves a unique photography strategy. We will work together to highlight the features you feel make your property stand out. Our services includes 10-15 carefully selected photographs for houses under 3000 square feet, priced at $110, and 15-25 photographs for larger homes over 3000 square feet, priced at $150. We also are able to provide 2D floorplans that are highly reliable, though not exact for an additional $60. Studio.Balestrery's strength is providing unmatched virtual staging. While competitor virtual staging companies are still using clunky 3D models, Studio.Balestrery uses cutting-edge AI to create realistic living situations that tenets can identify with. 




Virtual Staging- This client's home (4631 Clara St) was abandoned in the middle of a renovation, leaving an eye-catching AirBnb in the front unit, and a large oppurtunity in the owner's unit.

-$40 per Photo (Please allow an extra 24hr)

Interior and Exterior Photographs (10-25 photographs depending on your home) -$110/$150


2D Floorplans (With or Without Approximate Dimensions)



Ready to maximize your listing?

Contact me at 

-Cell: +1-(224)-216-0824



I am a Bachelors of Science in Architecture candidate at Tulane University. I am currently working towards minors in Sustainable Real Estate Development and Studio Art Photography. I am from Chicago, and now live, study, and work in New Orleans. 

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